Beatrix Lunchboxes: One of the Teacher's Favorite Things!

Update: The giveaway has closed, but read on to learn about one of my favorite things!

Somehow summer is ending and it is time to plan for back to school. Last week I shared my tips for preparing Kindergarteners, and this week I get to share one of my all time favorite back to school products. I reached out to Beatrix to see if they would be willing to share a lunchbox with my readers. They asked me to pick out TWO, and I am thrilled that there will be two lucky new lunchbox owners.

Which is your favorite, the Beatrix (octopus) or the Nigel (shark)?

Which is your favorite, the Beatrix (octopus) or the Nigel (shark)?

What do I love about Beatrix lunchboxes?

Beatrix lunchboxes last forever. I can't actually guarantee forever, but my son's first Beatrix lunchbox survived a year of day care, two years of preschool and all of Kindergarten. It was still in great condition when we lost it at camp this summer (tears- mine and his...). My daughter has used her Penelope Beatrix lunchbox for two full years of school and it looks great. She will be carrying it again when she heads to Pre-K in a few weeks.

And the Teacher Says Beatrix Lunchboxes are one of her favorite things! They are incredibly durable and easy to clean. Read more at

Beatrix lunchboxes maintain their cute look because they are washable. You can stick them in the washing machine on delicate and they come out like new. They are so easy to wash that they look and smell great, even after years of use. The smell part is especially important if you sometimes forget to clean them out over a weekend or school break.

Beatrix lunchboxes are adorable. All Beatrix products feature their own characters. The lunchboxes have a clean yet whimsical design that appeals to parents and children. I appreciate that unlike movie or TV characters, these character friends are timeless. If you are going to buy a lunchbox that lasts, you want to make sure that it doesn't feature a passing fad. There are quite a few celebrities that share my love for Beatrix.

Oh, and they hold a lunch! I have never had a problem with space in a Beatrix lunchbox, whether I'm packing a divided plastic container or a sandwich and sides. The lunchboxes are insulated and there is a small insulated zippered pocket in the back - perfect for a snack or a note from home. Right below the pocket there is a cute tag for you to write your child's name and number.

And the Teacher Says is sharing one of her favorite products - Beatrix lunchboxes! Take a look inside and at the back of the lunchbox. Read more at

So you want to win one, right?

I have a Penelope and a Nigel to give away, so there will be two lucky winners! If you don't win, but you still really want a lunchbox you can purchase them and lots of other cute products through the Beatrix website. They even have some items on sale! I will be replacing my son's lost lunchbox with a new Dieter and I am deciding between the Kiki and the Rory for my youngest.

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A huge thank you to Beatrix for sharing their products with my readers! If you would like to be sure that you don't miss any future posts or giveaways, subscribe to my blog and I will keep you in the know! You can also find me on facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Just to be clear- I was not compensated for writing this post, but I was provided with 2 products to share with readers.

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